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Don’t let ugly light bulbs ruin your home!

The importance of a light bulb’s aesthetics cannot be understated. Thought of as purely functional until very recently, assuming that its uses...

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Has the ban on incandescent light bulbs sparked a trend?

Europe banned incandescent light bulbs from being imported in 2009 to decrease the public’s use of incandescent light bulbs and therefore energy...

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LED Flooring

Philips Lighting worked with Dutch Carpet Company Desso to create a digital carpet. The carpet would incorporate LED light bulbs in to...

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Using LED light bulbs to Decorate Your Home

When choosing to update your home with new energy efficient lighting, there are a lot of things to take into account. We’ve...

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Halloween Lighting Ideas

Christmas Fairy Lights Not just for Christmas, for an easy halloween idea cut a hole in plastic cups, with a picture drawn...

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Antique Filaments are the new Interior Trend

More and more people are turning to antique filament light bulbs to give their home a decorative edge. Vintage and antiques won’t...

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Osram Gives Tips on how to Improve Lighting in Hotels

Osram have brought to light that many hotel complaints have specifically addressed lighting. Osram found that in the majority of over 350,000...

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Crompton Lamps release new Antique Bulb Range

Inspired by the original (the first light bulb created by Thomas Edison) Crompton Lamps brings you the Antique range. The Antique range...

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