Making the change from incandescents to LEDs can be confusing and is even more so when it comes to lighting a chandelier. Follow our guide to lighting a chandelier with LEDs to help you make the change over while still showing your chandelier at its full potential.

Bag Chandelier - Cool White

If your chandelier of choice is a bag style chandelier (as pictured above and below) it can be slightly easier as it is quite similar to a regular fixture. The best choice for this style chandelier is a clear, bright bulb to really reflect off the crystals and sparkle. Be careful when choosing the brightness of the bulb as too bright could be blinding to you and your guests but if you’re using the chandelier as the main light source in the room you’ll need it to be quite bright. Our suggestion would be an LED equivalent of a 75w incandescent. This of course differs in regards to the size of the room. If you are looking for faint lighting – just enough to make the crystals sparkle then a Manor Range bulb should do the trick. With LEDs, you can choose the colour of the light between cool white and warm white. Cool white will give the crystals more of a sparkle and warm white is like the original incandescent lights. If you really miss incandescents you could purchase an LED Filament bulb designed to look exactly like a filament bulb but with all the energy saving benefits of an LED.

Bag Chandelier

If your chandelier is a branch chandelier (as pictured below) then you’ll need candle bulbs. As the candle bulbs are on display we would suggest frosted or satin bulbs so as not to see inside the bulb. Considering wattage is a lot more complicated as it depends not only on how you are lighting your room but how many candle bulbs your chandelier holds. For example, if your chandelier holds 10 or more bulbs, then that should be enough to light your room. If you have less than 10 then you may want to consider additional lighting or brighter bulbs, depending on the size of the room and your lighting style. For colour choice, we would recommend warm white as the bulbs are on display so too white could be distracting whereas warm white will give off a relaxing glow. If you still miss the filament style bulb, you can get an LED version in the candle shape.


These are our recommendations, styling your home is up to your personal taste which may differ from what is suggested. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on: 01494 723286.

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