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Guides and advice for all creative lighting and light bulbs related written by experts from the lighting industry.

Get the Love Island Festoon Light look

Love Island has returned to our screens this summer, which means we’ll see more fake tan, beautiful white teeth, and plenty of...

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Lighting experts reveal their tricks of the trade

How do you create the perfect, Instagram-worthy photo? You may not have a top-of-the-range camera at the ready, or the photo-editing software...

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The Perfect LED For Tired Parents

A new LED light has been created specifically to help babies sleep. Created by the Lighting Science Group Corporation, the Sleepy Baby™...

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Trending: UV Tattoos

A recent trend that is on the rise is UV tattoos. These are tattoos that are nearly invisible in broad daylight but...

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Neon Ice Cream

Australian company 196 Below specialise in creating nitrogen ice cream have now done something even more creative, neon ice cream. Co-creators of...

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Lighting Design Made Simple

Different ways of thinking when it comes to embracing new lighting technology have led to some great design ideas like the Plumen...

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A Light Without Electricity

A new solar-powered light has been created for those without electricity. The International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2014 found that 1.3...

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A Guide to Lighting your Chandelier with LED light bulbs

Making the change from incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs can be confusing and is even more so when it comes...

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Barbie goes LED

In a previous post I talked about the integration of LED light bulbs in to fashion and it’s such a trend that...

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Christmas Lighting Tips

A few tips on the best way to achieve the perfect Christmas lighting scheme. Be original Christmas lighting doesn’t have to be...

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