A recent trend that is on the rise is UV tattoos. These are tattoos that are nearly invisible in broad daylight but light up under a blacklight.

The ink used for a UV tattoo is different to that of a traditional tattoo as it will either be completely invisible or barely visible in daylight but contains chemicals that will react when placed under a blacklight causing them to glow.

These tattoos used appeal to those in a rave culture (because really how often is a blacklight used?) but is now being embraced across all subcultures. It has been called a ‘business man’s tattoo’ as it is virtually invisible in daylight. However, depending on your skin type, the size of the tattoo and the colour of the ink slight scarring can occur. UV tattoos can also be used on top of normal tattoos to enhance them and make them glow under a blacklight.

UV Tattoo

However, as UV tattoos are relatively new in comparison to traditional ones and are still being tested for possible side effects. Because of this a lot of places will not do them for fear of safety issues. If you are tempted to get a UV tattoo make sure you do your research first.

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