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Light Bulb Manufacturers – Who Do We Stock?

The lighting industry is a busy place these days, with many different manufacturers competing to develop the best and brightest light bulbs....

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EU-funded team researching ‘invisible light switch’

Lighting manufacturer Osram is currently leading a team of researchers using smart technology to create so-called ‘invisible light switches.’ The project is...

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GravityLight: changing lives with gravity-powered lighting

GravityLight, a sustainable light source that requires no electricity, not even solar power, could change the lives of the 1.2 billion people...

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Philips and UK scientists create a revolution in Horticulture

Biologists at the Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC) conducted an experiment on how plants responded to certain wavelengths of LED light. They found...

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The Inspiration behind The Plumen range

The original Plumen light bulb was released in 2010. Designer, Nicolas Roope, came up with the concept many years ago that combined...

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Philips have released an LED system to treat skin disease

A new blue LED light used to treat skin disease is coming to the UK this October. Philips have developed a wearable...

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