Megaman is launching an International Project Division to help UK specifiers working in international markets.

Megaman’s International Project Marketing Manager, Ciaran Kiely, will be head of this new division.

Kiely told Lighting magazine:

If you specify one of our products for a project in Dubai, someone needs to source it in the local market. We have a cast range of lamps and we need to make sure they are there in the quantities needed. Hotel projects can take 6 to 9 months to come through and we’re trying to manage that process through. We already have significant experience of working directly with specifiers, in parallel with all parties involved, to ensure that Megaman technology is supplied efficiently and applied to maximum effect on international projects. However, we wanted to acknowledge this expertise more formally with the creators of the division.

The new division is especially important now that Megaman has been expanding its mark on the decorative lighting market with collaborations with Tom Dixon and Terence Woodgate. Kiely added:

To some extent, decorative lighting customers feel they have been ignored by the phase-out of incandescent sources and get the sense that they’re being funnelled into a corner. We want them to force the changes in the industry rather than feel that they are being forced to change.

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