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Will any light bulb work in an oven?

Take a minute to look around your house and the various lights you have. They’re not just in the living room, kitchen...

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Get the Love Island Festoon Light look

Love Island has returned to our screens this summer, which means we’ll see more fake tan, beautiful white teeth, and plenty of...

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Stamp duty holidays: staging your house for quick sale

If you’ve purchased a house in England or Northern Ireland, and it will be completed before 30th June 2021, you may have...

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Halogen Light Bulb Ban September 2021

On 9th June 2021, the UK government made a press release about the forthcoming Halogen light bulb ban. The proposed UK legislation...

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Transform your outdoor area with festoon and string lights

Yes! Summer is finally here!  Have you managed to dine outside yet? If you have, you may have noticed festoon and string...

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Planning ahead: Autumn household lights 

We know! Summer hasn’t arrived yet, and already we’re talking about Autumn house lights.  But, you know the old saying – fail...

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Solar power garden lighting in time for summer

It’s time to gear your garden up for summer with outdoor lights! If you haven’t already of course.  Summer is about longer...

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What is causing your light to flicker? Helping you make the change to LED light bulbs

Throughout this blog, we’ll look at what might be causing your light to flicker, and why making the switch to LED light...

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Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring!

You may have noticed that it’s getting lighter in the evening, which means it’s time to start getting your garden ready for...

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How to read product specification table

Making sense of product specifications Alongside each product on our site, you’ll notice important specifications that provide you with information to help...

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