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Light Bulb Ban

Guides and advice for all Light bulb ban information written by experts from the lighting industry.

CFL Light Bulb Ban

If buying any spare lamps is on your to-do list, this might be your last chance to get some. Compact fluorescent lamps...

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Halogen Light Bulb Ban September 2021

On 9th June 2021, the UK government made a press release about the forthcoming Halogen light bulb ban. The proposed UK legislation...

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The Light Bulb Ban – What and When?

The light bulb ban has been phasing out energy-guzzling light bulbs, read our time-line history and explore ultra-efficient LED replacements.

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Direct Replacement – Halogen 28W Candle E14

At Lightbulbs Direct we recognise that the transition from one technology to another can seem daunting and complicated. This is why we...

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Replacing Halogen MR16 spotlight bulbs with LED MR16 light bulbs – Make the Switch

If you’ve still to upgrade your halogen MR16 spotlights to LED MR16, time is running out. In September 2016, the European Commission...

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Will Incandescent Light bulbs Return After Brexit?

The UK government first floated the idea of banning all incandescent light bulbs over a decade ago, but it wasn’t until 1st...

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Has the ban on incandescent light bulbs sparked a trend?

Europe banned incandescent light bulbs from being imported in 2009 to decrease the public’s use of incandescent light bulbs and therefore energy...

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Are CFL light bulbs Obsolete?

Once dubbed an Energy Saver, Compact Fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs seem to be losing out to LEDs. The CFL lamp was invented...

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The EU Halogen Ban Debate

The European Halogen Ban is under pressure to push back their date due to consumer demand. Europeans have been buying significantly more...

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Incandescent Ban – Reflector ban

Since the 1st of September 2014, incandescent reflectors in all sizes will no longer be made due to the European Union ban...

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