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Unfold the mystery of the Centennial light: What is it, and why has it lasted so long?

Have you heard the story of the eternal Centennial light — the lamp that “resists death”? An unsolved mystery or an impeccable...

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What’s a SAD lamp and do they really work? SAD lamps Explained

Do you feel a bit gloomy lately? Well, the weather doesn’t seem to help either, does it? “Winter blues”, “being under the...

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Lighting Up Your Video Conferencing Experience

Working from home is likely to continue for millions of people. If that’s the case for you, it’s so important that your...

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Crompton Lamps LED Smart WIFI Lighting Range

Assisting you whilst helping the environment The wellbeing of our natural environment has never been discussed and analysed as much as it...

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The Glasses that make you Unidentifiable

While some companies choose to use infrared for identification others have chosen to do the opposite. Computer security company AVG has developed...

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Infrared LED For Eye Recognition

With electronics companies Samsung and Apple looking to use fingerprint scanning as the new access code to their smartphones, Fujitsu is taking...

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Beam of Light

Recently added to Kickstarter is Beam. Beam is an LED light bulb that can also be used as a projector. The product...

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Latest Update on LIFX Lights

The latest update for the LIFX app was released earlier this month and includes a lot of new features. The new features...

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The Magic Bulb next step in Energy Efficient lighting?

Chinese Company, LEDUS, have created a new LED which incorporates a battery. The LED, called Magic Bulb, uses only 4 watts of...

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OLED moving forwards or back?

The Seoul National University library in Korea has become the world’s biggest OLED Lighting Installation. The OLED lights, supplied by LG Chem,...

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