While some companies choose to use infrared for identification others have chosen to do the opposite.

Computer security company AVG has developed glasses to protect our identity online.

Debuted at Pepcom in Barcelona the glasses use light to protect the wearer’s identity. There are two pairs that work in different ways.

The first uses infrared light. The glasses produce an infrared light which is invisible to the human eye but is picked up by the camera and will stop software from being able to identify your face in the photo. The second uses retro-reflective materials on the glasses surface to reflect the flash directly back at the camera. This makes the glasses light up which also means computers can’t tag a face. However, the second pair of glasses only work if the camera is on flash mode or if there is enough light coming from the camera angle. that the glasses can then reflect. The glasses appear normal in person but will light up in a photo.

With the advancing technology of facial recognition and smartphone cameras, photos are all over the internet and even when your face is in the background, the software can still detect it and identify you.  There is also a lot of leaked footage of security cameras etc. that get uploaded to the internet which could also identify you. These could be an essential buy for those afraid of ‘Big Brother’ or those who just don’t like the idea of photos of themselves on the internet.

Images belong to AVG

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