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Guides and advice for all energy saving lighting and light bulbs related written by experts from the lighting industry.

LED light bulbs and COP26 – what we can be doing

You will have noticed online and in other parts of the media that the UK is currently hosting the 26th UN Climate...

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Why do my lights flicker?

There are a couple of reasons why your lights flickers, find solutions to what might be causing your light to flicker.

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Watt Are The Odds On That?

Watford is the most energy conscious area in England when it comes to buying LED energy saving light bulbs. According to independent research by Lightbulbs Direct, over 75% of lightbulb purchases in Watford over the last 12 months, have been of the LED variety.

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Energy Saving FAQ

Saving energy is good for the environment as well as your bank balance and, with modern lighting technology, is as easy as...

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Make the Switch to LED for Massive Energy Savings

Do you want to save money and make a positive impact on the environment? Make the switch to LED light bulbs today....

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Lights Go Out On ‘Special Purpose’ and ‘Rough Service’

On 1 September 2009, the European Commission introduced a directive that aimed to ban the sale of incandescent light bulbs across the...

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Would you be fooled by an Eco Label?

Philips refuses to stop labelling Halogen light bulbs as ‘eco’. Originally, Halogen light bulbs were brought out as an updated filament light...

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90% of Compact Fluorescents thrown into Household Waste

In Canada, about 90% of compact fluorescent light bulbs are being thrown away in normal household waste which can potentially leak mercury...

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What do I do if I break a lamp?

Accidents happen. You may of heard that certain light bulbs can contain toxic chemicals and while it is a small amount we’ve...

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The Inspiration behind The Plumen range

The original Plumen light bulb was released in 2010. Designer, Nicolas Roope, came up with the concept many years ago that combined...

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