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Guides and advice for all energy saving lighting and light bulbs related written by experts from the lighting industry.

90% of Compact Fluorescents thrown into Household Waste

In Canada, about 90% of compact fluorescent light bulbs are being thrown away in normal household waste which can potentially leak mercury...

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What do I do if I break a lamp?

Accidents happen. You may of heard that certain light bulbs can contain toxic chemicals and while it is a small amount we’ve...

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The Inspiration behind The Plumen range

The original Plumen light bulb was released in 2010. Designer, Nicolas Roope, came up with the concept many years ago that combined...

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Are CFL light bulbs Obsolete?

Once dubbed an Energy Saver, Compact Fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs seem to be losing out to LEDs. The CFL lamp was invented...

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The EU Halogen Ban Debate

The European Halogen Ban is under pressure to push back their date due to consumer demand. Europeans have been buying significantly more...

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How to save money with Energy Monitors and Batteries

Energy Monitors Energy monitors cannot directly save you money but what they can do is change your attitude towards your energy usage....

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The Easiest Ways to Go Green

A few tips on saving energy, water and money. The easiest way to keep track of your bills is by using an...

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Philips Lights up Bradford Infirmary

Bradford Royal Infirmary has partnered with Philips health and lighting department to provide a supportive environment for patients with cognitive problems and...

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Do you suffer from SAD?

It’s that awful time of year where the dark mornings and nights make your daily regime that much harder. While many people...

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John Lewis gets refitted with GE Lighting

John Lewis requested GE Lighting to help with their refurbishment project throughout the UK. The range placed in their stores has reduced...

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