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Guides and advice for all incandescent and traditional lighting and light bulbs related written by experts from the lighting industry.

What does “not suitable for household room illumination” mean?

When shopping for light bulbs, you may come across the phrase “not suitable for household room illumination” on certain products. This can...

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Unfold the mystery of the Centennial light: What is it, and why has it lasted so long?

Have you heard the story of the eternal Centennial light — the lamp that “resists death”? An unsolved mystery or an impeccable...

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Has the ban on incandescent light bulbs sparked a trend?

Europe banned incandescent light bulbs from being imported in 2009 to decrease the public’s use of incandescent light bulbs and therefore energy...

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Would you be fooled by an Eco Label?

Philips refuses to stop labelling Halogen light bulbs as ‘eco’. Originally, Halogen light bulbs were brought out as an updated filament light...

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Bringing Incandescent Light Bulbs Back?

It may not be over for the incandescent just yet. A professor at Texas A & M University, Yue Kuo, and his...

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Are CFL light bulbs Obsolete?

Once dubbed an Energy Saver, Compact Fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs seem to be losing out to LEDs. The CFL lamp was invented...

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The EU Halogen Ban Debate

The European Halogen Ban is under pressure to push back their date due to consumer demand. Europeans have been buying significantly more...

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A Simple Guide To Dimming LED light bulbs

Unfortunately, dimming LED light bulbs is not quite as simple as dimming halogen light bulbs unless of course you have the LIFX...

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Incandescent Ban – Reflector ban

Since the 1st of September 2014, incandescent reflectors in all sizes will no longer be made due to the European Union ban...

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LED sales to Boom in UAE

The sales of LED light bulbs are set to significantly increase in the United Arab Emirates due to the incandescent lamp ban....

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