The sales of LED light bulbs are set to significantly increase in the United Arab Emirates due to the incandescent lamp ban.

The UAE are not only phasing out inefficient lighting but also promoting light bulb recycling. This is expected to save over Dh700 million (£120 million) per year on energy bills annually and reduce carbon emissions equal to 165,000 cars off the road.

GE Lighting‘s General Manager for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, George Bou Mitri, said:

Electricity for lighting accounts for nearly 20% of global power consumption and close to 6% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. The shift towards efficient lighting solutions will help reduce emissions by half. Phasing out energy-inefficient lighting is one of the most effective and economical ways to reduce carbon emissions while strengthening energy use efficiency and protecting the environment. The UAE’s move will thus be a benchmark for the region, which is currently placing the highest emphasis on sustainability initiatives.

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