Inefficient lamps will be banned in the United Arab Emirates from the 1st of July. This is expected to save Dh668 million per year (£106.8m).

The ban is part of the UAE’s indoor lighting standard and will mainly focus on the end of inefficient incandescent sources. The new standard will be based on environment, safety and efficiency criteria.

Part of the standard includes the restriction of mercury. If the mercury in any lamp, including CFL light bulbs or LED, exceeds the permitted level, it will not gain entry to the country.

The ban will specifically target imports as there is no domestic production of lighting products in the UAE. It is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 940,000 tonnes – equivalent to taking 165,000 cars off the road.

There are no restrictions on using existing low-standard light bulbs, which currently make up around 78% of lamps currently in use there.

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