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What’s a SAD lamp and do they really work? SAD lamps Explained

Do you feel a bit gloomy lately? Well, the weather doesn’t seem to help either, does it? “Winter blues”, “being under the...

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The Answer to Sleep Disrupting Blue Light?

Hands up if you still look at your phone after you’ve gone to bed. Numerous surveys have been conducted over the last...

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Study finds that LED lights could help reverse Alzheimer’s memory loss

A recent scientific study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that a process that uses LED lights could help...

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Germ magnets: how to protect your home from bacteria hotspots

Keeping your home clean and tidy is something we can all be a little lax with from time to time we’ve all...

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Bias Lighting – What is it, and why should you be using it?

If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably not heard of bias lighting before. The term itself has an air of industrial...

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The Perfect LED For Tired Parents

A new LED light has been created specifically to help babies sleep. Created by the Lighting Science Group Corporation, the Sleepy Baby™...

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Philips and UK scientists create a revolution in Horticulture

Biologists at the Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC) conducted an experiment on how plants responded to certain wavelengths of LED light. They found...

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LED light bulbs Make Strawberries Better

Dutch researchers have found that strawberries grown using LED light bulbs are better quality than those that aren’t. Five different varieties of...

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LED light bulbs May Speed Up Your Next Manicure

The popular gel manicure that lasts for two weeks and is dried using a UV light could be changing its light source....

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Missing the Sunlight?

A company has invented a light that mimics the natural transition of sunlight. The product, called the Sunn light, was launched on...

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