A company has invented a light that mimics the natural transition of sunlight.

The product, called the Sunn light, was launched on Kickstarter in November. The Sunn light is an LED light that will match the intensity and colour of light from the sun based on your location and time.

It is designed to help our internal body clock which will, in turn, enhance sleep at night and improve concentration throughout the day. The Sunn light will gradually get brighter to mimic the sunrise and begins to slowly dim in the afternoon. In the evening the light will resemble light from a fire and can be set to a glowing moon at night allowing you to find your way around without disturbing your circadian rhythm.

The light comes with an app that also works with the LIFX light bulb. Even without the app, you can program the LIFX light bulb to mimic sunlight with its original app.

On Kickstarter, it says: “We’ve grown accustomed to the dynamic nature of sunlight over the course of the day as the earth rotates and over the year due to the earth’s tilt. Sunlights changing colour, brightness and quality help to inform our internal clocks and environmental awareness of the time of day – sunn lights correspond to those continuous changes to help guide our daily rhythms and activities.”

Image and video belong to Kickstarter

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