When choosing to update your home with new energy efficient lighting, there are a lot of things to take into account. We’ve addressed some things to consider when purchasing LED light bulbs to help you make the best choice for your home:

Lighting Colours

For LED light bulbs there are two colours to choose from: Warm White and Cool White. Warm White light bulbs emit a warm, relaxing feel to the room and are great for creating an inviting atmosphere. Cool White light bulbs emit a bright neutral white light that is ideal for concentration and clearer vision. For these reasons Warm Whites are usually used in bedrooms and living rooms and Cool White is used in offices, bathrooms and kitchens.

Beam AnglesAccent Lighting

If you have an item you really want to highlight, whether it’s an ornament or even a bunch of flowers, a spotlight is perfect for drawing attention. One of the key things to get right when using a spotlight is the beam angle. A general guide to beam angles is: if it is smaller than 30° it is a small concentrated spotlight, if it is between 30° and 50° is a wider beam angle for spotlighting larger items or for use as accent lighting and beam angles over 50° is usually used for general room lighting. Spotlights are usually placed in ceilings or display cabinets but can make a bold statement when lower down and facing upwards.

Try Something Different

Strip lights work brilliantly as accent lighting in rooms of under cabinets in kitchens. You could even get multi-coloured ones to liven up a dull space. The lights are adjustable and can be used creatively in any room.

Don’t Confine Fairy Lights To Christmas Trees

Fairy lights can look great placed in a child or teenagers bedroom, it can be formed into a design, can be strung through bed posts or it can be used creatively for above a child’s play area.

Outdoor Lighting

Most strip lights can be used as exterior lighting as the majority are waterproof. They can be used for different things such as highlighting a garden path or going across a garden fence. Fairy lights can also be used outdoors and can be creatively strung alongside your garden fence

The Latest Technology

The smart light bulb is a WiFi connected light bulb that is controlled by your smartphone. The light bulb is installed just like a regular light bulb, all you have to do after that is install the app. The app has many features allowing you to control the brightness, and the colour of the light bulb remotely as well as setting lighting programmes and preferences for your selected light bulb(s) to follow.


With the release of antique filament light bulbs it now means you can have the antique look with all the energy saving benefits of LED light bulbs. The original filament light bulb releases a warm glow which is so versatile it can work in an urban atmosphere or a more elegant setting.

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