Candle light bulbs are designed to look like the flame from a candle (hence their name), and are often used when a more decorative type of light bulb is needed. Many desk lamps, chandeliers and wall lights use these light bulbs to mimic a real candle and give the lamp a vintage look.

As candle light bulbs are used in a variety of fittings, there are many different styles and bases available. They are commonly fitted with either a B22d bayonet cap (sometimes abbreviated to BC), or an E27 Edison screw (ES) base. The B22d cap is the ‘push and twist’ type of fitting that is used on the majority of lamps in the UK, while the E27 is the screw-in type that is more common in Europe and the US.

Other types of base include B15 small bayonet cap (SBC) and E14 small Edison screw (SES). These are simply smaller versions of bayonet and Edison caps, used primarily on smaller lamps and fittings.

Most candle light bulbs will be recognisable by their ‘flame’ shape. There is very little variation to the way the light bulbs look, but some may have slightly different design features, such as pointed tips or a ‘flicker-effect’ that is supposed to resemble the flicker of a candle flame.

Energy-saving candle light bulbs

Traditional incandescent candle light bulbs will be in use in the UK until September 2018, when an EU directive takes effect banning their sale. They will be replaced by energy-saving alternative LED candle light bulbs.

LED candle light bulbs, however, are designed to look like the incandescent light bulbs they supersede. They have the classic candle shape and as the technology develops, they are beginning to look more like traditional light bulbs.

These will often be opaque (sometimes described as ‘pearl’ or ‘opal’) and they are made out of glass or heat-resistant thermal plastic. Many have a white plastic base to hide the light bulb’s componentry, but there are now models available that are completely transparent. Look out for the distinctive yellow ‘filaments’ of these LED light bulbs, designed to mimic the filaments of the traditional incandescent candles.

Our Best-selling LED Candle Bulbs

crompton lamps led candle 5w e14 dimmable filament warm white clear

Crompton Lamps LED Candle 5W E14 Dimmable Filament Warm White Clear

This dimmable 5W LED candle light bulb is part of a wider decorative range that has been developed by Crompton Lamps as a means of replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Each light bulb in the range delivers form and function equally with the same gorgeous, retro styling no longer stymied by the restraints of outdated filament technology. With a clear glass finish, this light bulb is designed to recreate the look of traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Crompton Lamps LED Candle 5W E14 Dimmable Filament Warm White Pearl (40W Eqv)

Crompton Lamps LED Candle 5W E14 Dimmable Filament Warm White Pearl

For those of you already lamenting the demise of these incandescent light bulbs – never fear. Their enduring popularity led Crompton Lamps to develop this new range of LED equivalents.

The tungsten filaments found in these older light bulbs have now given way to four LED filaments, resulting in a gorgeous, traditional aesthetic that belies the light bulb’s ultra-modern specification. These filaments, albeit similar in appearance, are much more efficient and robust than their traditional counterparts.

Crompton Lamps LED Candle 5.5W E14 Warm White Opal (40W Eqv)

Crompton Lamps LED Candle 5.5W E14 Warm White Opal

Designed to replace grossly inefficient and desperately unreliable 40W filament light bulbs, this LED candle light bulb produces light of an equal quality and brightness but consumes just 5.5W in doing so.

With a frosted finish and thermal plastic casing this LED candle dissipates heat more effectively than comparable materials, placing less strain on its components and thus extending its longevity.

It’s remarkable efficiency – plus a rated lifetime of 25,000 hours – has the potential to yield savings of up to 90% when considering energy expenditure alongside maintenance and replacement costs.

Philips LED DimTone Candle Light Bulb 5.5W E14 Dimmable Master Warm White Clear

Philips LED DimTone Candle 5.5W E14 Dimmable Master Warm White Clear

The decorative range of MASTER LED candle light bulbs from Philips is designed to bridge the gap between traditional aesthetics and modern efficiency.

The dimmable 5.5W option pictured here is designed to replace a 40W filament candle light bulb. It does so seamlessly, consuming a fraction of the power but producing an incandescent sparkling effect that is reminiscent of the original light bulb.

The LED candle light bulb’s unique design delivers a whole slew of benefits, from desirable aesthetics that work just as effectively when the light bulb is turned off, to excellent efficiency and even light distribution.

Traditional light bulbs have a tendency to shift towards a warmer colour as they dim, while LED traditionally maintains the same colour. DimTone technology successfully mimics this behaviour by dimming from 2700K to 2200K when dimmed while delivering all the efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs associated with LED.

Osram LED Candle Light Bulb 1.5W E14 Vintage 1906 Twisted Extra Warm White Gold Gold

Osram LED Candle 1.5W E14 Vintage 1906 Twisted Extra Warm White Gold Gold

These energy efficient twisted antique style 1.5W LED candle light bulbs from the Osram Vintage 1906 collection are the perfect replacement for outdated and inefficient 12W incandescent candle light bulbs, which are now in short supply.

Producing a cosy 120 lumens of 2400K extra warm light, these gold-effect finish vintage LED candle light bulbs are ideal for creating a decorative retro look in any home, bar or restaurant.

Crompton Lamps LED Smart Wifi Candle 5W E14 Dimmable Warm White + RGB Opal

Crompton Lamps LED Candle 5W E14 Dimmable Filament Warm White Clear

This LED candle smart light bulb allows you to switch the light on or off, change the colour of your light as well as to dim the lighting directly from your Amazon Alexa and Google Home device, or remotely from your Android or iPhone smart-phone.

Coupled with the smart technology, these smart LED candle light bulbs are distinctly more efficient than the incandescent versions they are designed to replace, consuming only 5W of power yet producing light of an equivalent brightness to a traditional 40W light bulb. This remarkable efficiency – when considered alongside each light bulb’s vastly improved longevity and reliability – can potentially reduce your lighting bill by up to 90% whilst simultaneously reducing carbon emissions.

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How do you remove the bulb

Mat @ Lightbulbs Direct

Generally, twist anticlockwise – or push twist and pull. If its not coming out, I feel the cap-socket in the fitting maybe faulty.

Marta Ska

Hi. Are there any LED candle light bulbs in cool white?

Mat @ Lightbulbs Direct

Yes, various options for LED Candles in Cool White

Colin Keeper

Crompton Lamps LED Candle 5.5W B22 Dimmable Warm White Opal (40W Eqv) are these types of bulb suitable for touch sensitive bedside lights?

Mat @ Lightbulbs Direct

You may find an issue if the bedside light is dimmable as the dimmer inside the fitting may not be LED compatible. This ‘type of dimmer’ information is probably difficult to find – so I would suggest a you will have to just try the LED bulb and see how they get on.