What is a Candle Light Bulb?

Candle light bulbs are designed to look like the flame from a candle (hence their name), and are often used when a more decorative type of light bulb is needed. Many desk lamps, chandeliers and wall lights use these light bulbs to mimic a real candle and give the lamp a vintage look.

As candle light bulbs are used in a variety of fittings, there are many different styles and bases available. They are commonly fitted with either a B22d bayonet cap (sometimes abbreviated to BC), or an E27 Edison screw (ES) base. The B22d cap is the ‘push and twist’ type of fitting that is used on the majority of lamps in the UK, while the E27 is the screw-in type that is more common in Europe and the US.

Other types of base include B15 small bayonet cap (SBC) and E14 small Edison screw (SES). These are simply smaller versions of bayonet and Edison caps, used primarily on smaller lamps and fittings.

Most candle light bulbs will be recognisable by their ‘flame’ shape. There is very little variation to the way the light bulbs look, but some may have slightly different design features, such as pointed tips or a ‘flicker-effect’ that is supposed to resemble the flicker of a candle flame.

Energy-saving candle light bulbs

Traditional incandescent candle light bulbs will be in use in the UK until September 2018, when an EU directive takes effect banning their sale. They will be replaced by energy-saving alternative LED candle light bulbs.

LED candle light bulbs, however, are designed to look like the incandescent light bulbs they supersede. They have the classic candle shape and as the technology develops, they are beginning to look more like traditional light bulbs.

These will often be opaque (sometimes described as ‘pearl’ or ‘opal’) and they are made out of glass or heat-resistant thermal plastic. Many have a white plastic base to hide the light bulb’s componentry, but there are now models available that are completely transparent. Look out for the distinctive yellow ‘filaments’ of these LED light bulbs, designed to mimic the filaments of the traditional incandescent candles.

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Colin Keeper
Colin Keeper
December 19, 2020 2:37 pm

Crompton Lamps LED Candle 5.5W B22 Dimmable Warm White Opal (40W Eqv) are these types of bulb suitable for touch sensitive bedside lights?

Mat @ Lightbulbs Direct
December 21, 2020 10:54 am
Reply to  Colin Keeper

You may find an issue if the bedside light is dimmable as the dimmer inside the fitting may not be LED compatible. This ‘type of dimmer’ information is probably difficult to find – so I would suggest a you will have to just try the LED bulb and see how they get on.

Marta Ska
Marta Ska
March 10, 2021 11:52 am

Hi. Are there any LED candle light bulbs in cool white?

Mat @ Lightbulbs Direct
March 15, 2021 4:43 pm
Reply to  Marta Ska

Yes, various options for LED Candles in Cool White