If you’ve been on our Pinterest you probably already have a few ideas on how to be creative with old light bulbs but here are a few more ideas to try:

Follow this video for a guide in how to hollow out a light bulb.

How to build a light bulb vase

Flower Vase

A very popular choice amongst people, by hollowing out a used light bulb  you can fill the light bulb with some water use thin-stemmed flowers and immerse them in the light bulb. You could also use air plants in the light bulb and can survive without being planted. In order for the light bulb to stand alone, you could use a lid from, for example, a jam jar. You can put in as many flowers as will fit but using just one or two makes more of a statement.

how to make a hanging light bulb vase

Hanging Vase

By doing the very same thing as before but attaching a strong wire or fish line to suspend it in the air.

how to make a light bulb centrepiece


You can easily create a pear centrepiece by attaching a thin twig at the top then carefully wrapping the light bulb in twine then putting the finished ‘pears’ in a glass container.

how to make a light bulb lighting display

Light Display

Old light bulbs can still carry a light if supplied from another light source such as a candle. All you need is a small clear vase to put a candle in, then place that in the centre of a large glass vase and the fill it with light bulbs.

how to make a lightbulb christmas ornament

Hanging Christmas Ornament

Now the first thing that comes to everyone’s minds is reusing light bulbs as baubles for the Christmas tree and white that is good idea light bulbs can be decorated and used as ornaments all year round. Try colouring in the light bulbs with paint or marker giving the glass an amazing look. You could also wrap the light bulb in yarn. If you do fancy making a Christmas bauble you could use the same ideas just add glitter or draw pictures. It can be a fun activity with kids.

how to make a light bulb kid crafts


Get creative with your kids by letting them turn their light bulbs into practically anything. They could draw snowmen, bumblebees, penguins, ice cream cones or whatever they feel like making. When letting kids decorate light bulbs make sure they are supervised at all times.

how to make a ship in a bulb

Ship in a light bulb

I’m sure you knew this was coming. Using quite a large light bulb repeat the procedure for removing the top cap and insides. Then carefully construct your desired ship on its own without glue. Then using tweezers and glue, carefully construct the ship in the bottle piece by piece. This can be quite difficult to master and can consume a lot of time. Only try this if you’re the patient type!

how to make a sand art bulb

Sand Art

Remember a few years ago when everyone loved sand art? Or maybe that was just me. Well, light bulbs can be a great container for the multicoloured sand and provide an interesting display.

how to make a terrarium light bulb


This is simple to do and more low-maintenance than a regular plant. For this, all you have to do is fill the light bulb with sand or pebbles, preserved (not live) moss and tiny plants called Tillandsia. This requires partial sunlight and a small amount of water every 10 days.

how to make a light bulb oil lamp

Oil Lamps

To turn an old light bulb into an oil lamp (anyone else see the irony?) all you need is the empty light bulb, paraffin oil, a thick wick and a reliable place it can stand without moving.

how to make a light bulb spice rack

Spice Rack

After emptying, then washing and drying your light bulbs you can use them as a decorative way to store your spices. Make sure to keep the screw ring as a lid.

how to make salt and pepper light bulbs

Salt and Pepper Shakers

People have used light bulbs to make salt and pepper shakers. It’s really simple to do just hollow out a light bulb, wash and dry it then pour your salt or pepper into it. You can use tape and a lid to form a tight seal or the screw top may work.

how to make a light bulb fish tank

Fish Tank

Hollow out the light bulb and wash it. Make sure that it’s a tiny fish (that will not grow) and that there’s no chance of the light bulb falling.

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I just want to get rid of them! Where can I send them? Who wants the?

Mat @ Lightbulbs Direct

We will take your old light bulbs and recycle them under our WEEE scheme