The importance of a light bulb’s aesthetics cannot be understated. Thought of as purely functional until very recently, assuming that its uses extended no further than simply illuminating a room was fair enough.

But, much like pairing a crisply tailored suit with a pair of bowling shoes, an ugly light bulb can utterly spoil a room’s complexion.

Light bulbs can look good off, too

After months of planning and hard work, everything is ready. You’ve spent an eternity gazing at paint palettes, comparing curtains, selecting furniture and you have maybe 2-3 good fingers left on each hand after sanding the floorboards to within a nanometre of timbered perfection.

However, something disturbing is hanging over you, quite literally in this case. Casting your eyes toward the ceiling reveals a hideously incongruous light bulb that sits unnervingly out of kilter with the rest of the room’s décor and threatens to plunge it into a coldly ironic, metaphorical darkness.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. With so many lighting options to choose from, there is simply no need to compromise the décor of your home with drab or ugly light bulbs.

Old school is the new cool

Antique Filament Lamps

Our antique filament range delivers an almost steam punk, renaissance-style twist on a classic design, with hand-wound filaments and a range of bold shapes imbuing the light bulbs and rooms where they sit with a vintage yet thoroughly contemporary aesthetic.

Plumen: the designer energy saving light bulb

The compact fluorescent light bulb was designed for one purpose – to conserve energy – and this really shows in its less-than-affable design.

Derided the world over for its appearance, the CFL light bulb has always been the absolute embodiment of function over form; the industrial mule that plugs away in the background to save energy and money, forever consigned to the underside of a lamp shade.

However, the game has changed. The rise of Plumen has carried with it a flurry of intriguingly attractive light bulb designs that are meant to be flaunted, rather than hidden. From the intricate spaghetti loops of the Plumen 001 to the robust symmetry of the Plumen 002, these new light bulbs have the power to transform any room whilst requiring very little to actually light it.

Plumen Lighting

Browse our full range of Retro, Antique and Old-Fashioned filament light bulbs.

For those looking to reduce their energy costs as far as physically possible without resorting to candles, see our full range of LED light bulbs.