It happens to so many people, and more frequently than many of us might realise. You get yourself prepared for a special night in, either with a loved one or friends. Around the home, the kitchen is looking immaculate, the dining room exquisite, and the living room flawless.

There’s something missing though. That little touch, that can take your living space to the next level – and there’s nothing that makes more of a statement than an LED decorative light.

There’s a wide range of decorative LED lights to choose from on the dedicated section on our website, but to support that, we’ve come up with a top five for you to digest. 

LED vintage light bulbs

LED vintage light bulbs

This elegant retro vintage light bulbs selection benefits from extra-long life, and can really make a statement in your home, restaurant or bar.

Using the very latest LED filament technology, and combined with a vintage coloured glass finish, this range of energy saving filament light bulbs look amazing, but overall will help you save money as well as having a very low energy consumption. 

LED Edison Light Bulbs

LED Edison Light Bulbs have an extra-long life. This particular style of vintage light bulbs are capable of enhancing almost any living or dining space, either at home or in a restaurant/bar environment.

The LED Edison Light bulbs will amaze your guests with their individual bulb shape and special designer finish.

LED Filament Light Bulbs

LED Filament Light Bulbs are seen as practical, but at the same time offer numerous aesthetic benefits. Filament light bulbs are a fantastic way to combine the energy efficiency of LED lighting, whilst also keeping it eye-catching and stylish.

So head over to our page here because whether you choose a pearl finished bulb, the clear alternative, or a more rustic-looking squirrel cage bulb, all our LED filament bulbs go through a thorough and rigid testing process to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality possible.

Extra Large LED Light Bulbs

Extra Large LED Light Bulbs

What size works best for you? There’s something to meet all tastes and styles with our Extra Large LED Light Bulbs.

The Extra Large LED Light Bulb selection means that you can really make a unique lighting design statement, with our oversized LED filament light bulbs.

This range features the latest in low-energy LED technology. Our elegantly shaped bulbs come in various finishes and sizes, from 14cm wide upwards.

Every single light bulb comes with a common light bulb cap which means installation is as simple as possible, in your chosen drop pendant or light fitting.

LED Smoked Glass Light Bulbs

LED Smoked Glass Light Bulbs

Our stunning LED Smoked Glass Light Bulbs are new to market, and are proving increasingly popular with our customer base. 

Like so many of our other ranges, they feature the latest low-energy LED filament technology. Uniquely designed, LED Smoked Glass Light Bulbs are available to order in a variety of shapes and sizes and like the Extra Large LED Light Bulbs, are fitted with a common light bulb cap so that they’re easy to place in your chosen drop pendant or light fitting.

Thinking about switching to LED light bulbs? LED light bulbs can save you money, but do you know why? Find out how LED lighting is different, and how much money it could potentially save you.

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