More and more people are turning to antique filament light bulbs to give their home a decorative edge.

Vintage and antiques won’t go amiss in many interior designed houses dependant on the look wanted and now there are light bulbs available in their former styles originally created by Thomas Edison.

At the London Design Festival, designers made the light bulb the stand out part of their design instead of having it hidden by decorative fixtures.

The Crompton antique range was designed with hotels and restaurants in mind to give the interiors a classy vintage look. Another reason people prefer these light bulbs is the light is a brighter more yellow colour which people think provides a more inviting and relaxing vibe.

As well as a vintage look, filament light bulbs provide a more ‘rough and tough’ masculine look as opposed to pearlised candle light bulbs and jewelled sconces. An antique light bulb is perfect for whichever look you’re after whether it’s the bare minimum masculine look or the elegant vintage ambience.

Old fashioned light bulbs with their brighter and warm light are also preferred in Chandeliers or pendant lighting.

See our LED Crompton Antique Light bulbs or our decorative light bulbs range to recreate the style that antique filament light offers.

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Hi there

What a lovely article.

I love the wire filaments, it makes it look so interesting

We are the UK’s best place for antiques, art and vintage thousands of pieces from hundreds of dealers. Take a look at our Antiques Boutique site.

Thanks and look forward to the next article

All the best

Lydia 🙂 x


What interesting lighting.

I’ve been specialising in Antique Lighting since 1991 and really enjoyed this article.

Can’t wait for more.