It’s no secret that our body reacts to different levels of light like how we feel tired when it’s dark and more awake when it’s bright.

Biodynamic lighting solutions are being developed to regulate our body clocks to make us happier, healthier and more productive.

Research suggests that exposure to more intense lights makes people more alert and enthusiastic by counteracting feelings of tiredness depending the duration and timing of light exposure. People that were exposed to bright light throughout the day were found to feel more awake even after a short amount of sleep and also had a better night’s sleep. The best light to use during the day is Daylight as it’s bright and has been known to increase concentration.

One of the biggest challenges our body clocks face is working at night. Of course this could be resolved with high intensity light but our brains produce melatonin at night which when messed with over a long period of time can produce health problems.

Home is probably the most important place to have the correct lighting as it’s the place we go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. Blue light is the light that keeps us feeling awake which can affect falling asleep at night. Blue light is emitted from smartphones, tablets, TV and computers. The more blue light there is the harder it is to sleep. Recent studies found a direct correlation between insomnia and light levels in the evening and at night. Using a dimmable light bulb could help you fall asleep at night as it would ease your body into a sleepful state by mimicking the sun setting as opposed to the dramatic difference of turning the lights out.

A gradually intensifying light can help us wake up in the morning as it mimics the sun rising. The Crompton Lamps smart light bulb can be controlled by your smartphone and features a setting where the light will gradually switch on.

Those suffering from depression (not just SAD) can be greatly affected by light. A recent study showed that new lights installed in a hospital that mimicked natural sunlight had a positive effect on patients and they scored lower on the depression scale. See how new lighting affected Bradford Royal Infirmary patients.

It is obvious that light is an important element in our lives, therefore it is important to choose your lighting carefully.

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