Bradford Royal Infirmary has partnered with Philips health and lighting department to provide a supportive environment for patients with cognitive problems and dementia.

The lighting project was implemented to promote person-centred care, improve interaction between patients and staff, and modify the environment to reduce episodes of agitation while also improving the patient experience and staff morale.

The Philips Dynamic Lighting system that was installed uses energy efficient fluorescent light to alter the colour balance of the lighting. The light is intended to mimic natural daylight by providing different lighting effects throughout the day. It was found that the more time a patient spent in the artificial daylight the better the patients visual performance and comfort, mood, sleep-wake rhythm, concentration, alertness and performance.

At Bradford Royal Infirmary the Lighting system needed to provide two key purposes: to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere and to help keep patients active throughout the day providing a more restful sleep at night.

As part of the lighting project the HealWell lighting system has been installed in patient rooms. It also mimics natural light and can be controlled via a touch-pad controller to switch between pre-set scenes. This, combined with the other measures taken, will have a positive effect on the patients.

Energy efficient lights have been used and LEDs have been placed in the corridors to reduce energy consumption and maintenance as replacement can be disruptive.

Ward Manager, Debbie Beaumont, said:

Overall the lighting solutions have helped the appearance of the wards so they look lighter, brighter and more welcoming. There’s definitely a change in how patients feel about their environment; they report feeling more relaxed and calmer.

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