Philips Lighting and House of Fraser worked together to bring new lighting innovations to their stores. This included enhancing product and introducing an interactive lighting scene in fitting rooms and personal shopper areas.

House of Fraser has over 61 stores of varying ages and architectural design which made it difficult for it to hone a consistent look and feel. They needed something that reinforced the brand identity, enhanced customer experience and was different to their competitors. House of Fraser also needed to adapt to the growth of online shopping by giving people more compelling reasons to visit its stores.

The original lighting changes were made to their flagship store in Oxford Street, London.

According to research, 60% of buying decisions for clothing are made in the fitting rooms. This prompted Philips to pay close attention to the lighting required for the changing rooms. Originally, the changing rooms consisted of a T5 fluorescent mirror, light strip, a metal halide downlight and a decorative wall sconce. This resulted in an unwelcoming space with uncomfortable glare that also highlighted shadows on the customers bodies. The lighting did not provide customers with an accurate perception of what the clothes would look like in the different environments they would be wearing them.

Philips solution was to use the Philips AmbiScene Occassions mirrors, providing tuneable white light that can be adjusted by scene setting controls, enabling the customers to very easily select day, evening, by the pool and gives natural (daylight) lighting scenes. This ability gives customers greater confidence in their purchasing decisions, thereby increasing the likelihood they will make that investment. The metal halide downlights have been replaced with suspended square LED feature luminaires to provide indirect ceiling lighting. The wall lights have been re-located and fitted with MASTER LED lamps. An additional Occasions mirror has also been installed at the end of the corridor so customers can see how the clothes look with more movement.

Research taken after the new lighting was fitted found 68% of users felt the lighting was better, 54% of the shoppers who used the scene control said they were more likely to buy after using the upgraded fitting rooms and 80% said they were likely to recommend the new fitting room to friends and colleagues.

The personal shopper experience is a very important part of the House of Fraser service and one of the personal shopper suites has no natural daylight, making the space feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Therefore, Philips have given significant focus to the lighting in this area.

In the personal shopper consulting area the lighting has been enhanced to provide higher light levels and improved colour rendering by StyliD LED. An occasions mirror was also installed with three lighting scenes.

Philips Luminous Textiles were also installed which consisted of multi-coloured LED light bulbs. The panels created ‘mood walls’ that can display dynamic content while integrating with the other decorative and ambient effects in the space. They helped to compensate for the lack of natural daylight.

The fitting rooms in the personal shopper area were fitted with a Philips AmbiScene Seasons mirror which provided 8 different lighting scenarios which were: winter, spring, summer, autumn, indoor, outdoor, evening and party.

Manager of the Oxford Street Store, Tim Hyde, said:

Customer footfall on the high street is increasingly becoming a challenge so we need to maximise every opportunity we can within the store. Service is a massive part of that and the Philips lighting range, which enables us to tailor the lighting in the fitting rooms, improves that service so we have a better chance of converting customer interest into a sale. The new lighting helps customers make sure that they product they’ve selected is right for the environment or occasion they are buying for, so it is also a useful tool for sales advisors, fitting room advisers and personal shoppers. Lighting is incredibly important for us in the store, It enables us to signpost specific areas and products and also deliver drama and theatre. The new lighting installation gives us the opportunity to engage with customers in a more effective way, which ultimately means we will turn more product interest into product purchases.

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