Philips has created a new lighting system aimed at retailers that can track customers.

The new technology uses lights, a phone camera and dedicated software that can be built into any app, in order to track customers as they move around a shop, museum or office building.

The new system will be used to enhance the customers shopping experience by helping them to find specific items and receive offers of items they walk past. This is only if they opt in to this by enabling an app on their phone. As well as customers being able to enhance their shopping experience retailers can also use the lights to see exact locations of customers.

The technology works by allowing the light to emit a special signal that is read by the camera on the phone and lets the system know where the person is in relation to the light.

Philips is currently doing a series of trails with various retailers and plans to make it available to buy from 2015.

Speaking to Pocket-lint a Philips Spokesperson said:

Technologies like Apple’s iBeacon are merely proximity sensors. Here we are actively tracking the phone when it is in line of sight and can see the direction it is moving in. Data shows that one in three people respond to an offer if it is right in front of them compared to only one in 100 who have been sent a mailer through the door.

Philips added that these types of lighting systems aren’t just limited to retail, they have already started working on office lighting systems. They have placed a similar smart lighting system in Amsterdam.

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