At LIGHTFAIR International Philips previewed it’s Connected Lighting systems available for the home and outdoor as well as office and retail.

In a Connected Lighting system, light points merge with a buildings or city’s IT network, allowing the lighting system to act as an information pathway. Comprehensive lighting management software can deliver targeted, intelligent illumination, reducing cost by providing the right light at the right place at the right time, as well as enabling users to tailor the lighting systemn to their preferences via mobile apps. Lighting points can also transmit their location information to smart devices so that downloaded apps can provide location-based services.

Philips Connected Lighting systems allow actionable data collected from sensors in intelligent luminaires to be made available to facility or city managers, who can use the data for informed business decisions and greater customer insight. For indoor systems, an integrated view of a building’s occupancy patterns and energy usage optimizes the distribution of resources, resulting in unprecedented levels of energy and operational efficiency. Moreover, the Philips systems demonstrate the company’s commitment to delivering hybrid, customer-centric solutions that encompass both Philips and non-Philips products, non-LED luminaires, a range of power and data options, including Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), wireless communications, standard and digital dimmers and lighting controls.

Some of the products showcased are: Philips Hue lux, Philips CityTouch LightPoint and LightWave, the White Range, Philips Dynalite Envision Manager, Philips Teletrol Energy Management system and Philips Xitanium SR LED Drivers.

For Home Use -The Philips Hue lux

The Philips Hue lux is an extension of the Philips Hue. However, Hue lux is a lower priced, all-white hue option that also uses the Zigbee LightLink standard. LightLink allows the system to be integrated with other home automation devices and hubs, such as Revolv or Staples Connect. Philips Hue lux also benefits from the Philips open developer platform and the over 100 third-party apps that have been created for the Hue system.

For Cities – Philips CityTouch LightPoint and LightWave

The new CityTouch asset management system enables easy access to street lighting information, recording and managing associated data. With CityTouch asset management system enables easy access to street lighting information, reccording and managing the associated data. With CityTouch LightWave, remote management transforms public lighting into a flexible system that can be adjusted to a city’s needs. The solution allows central control of all lights in an area, either individually or as a group and provides auto-notifications on energy usage of each street light.

For Architecture – White Range

White Range control interface affords new ways of transforming environments and designing with light. With point-and-click technology, designers can precisely target white light points along the black body curve, or select from a set of popular pre-defined whites. The software automatically calculates fixture channel values, allowing simple definitions of each shade of white. The White Range works with all Intell, Hue fixtures and is available in ColorPlay 3 light show authoring software and the iColor Keypad Effect Manager from Philips.

For Indoor – Philips Dynalite Envision Manager

Dynalite extends its offering of stand alone and networked controls with Envision Manager, a comprehensive indoor lighting management platform. Philips Envision Manager offers centralized, remote management and monitoring of all system components, including reporting of maintenance issues and energy usage on floors, buildings and campuses. Envision Manager helps to ensure optimal system performance, allowing organizations to meet sustainability goals and save money through reduced power usage.

For Multi-site Retail – Philips Teletrol Energy Management

Philips Teletrol Energy Management System (EMS) is a complete energy management solution for multi-site retailers, Teletrol’s EMS helps retailers reduce energy consumption by as much as 30%, optimise store operations, and provide detailed reporting for all aspects of store operators. The solution enables centralised facility managers to monitor and control individual as well as entire networks of stores via a web browser.

For LED Drivers – Philips Xitanium SR LED Drivers

The first commercially available drivers that provide a standard digital interface, power reporting and dim-to-off through various sensors. Compatible with bot Philips and non-Philips luminaires. Xitanium SR reduces complexity and cost for customers.

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