For the opening of a new Ted Baker store in Glasgow, Philips helped with the design of the retail store.

The lighting of the store is all linked to a Dynalite Control System which is accessed through a customised touch-screen control panel. This means that the staff can easily control/adjust the light settings. As music is also important in retail, Philips is sure to incorporate the music in with the lighting theme.

Staying with the ‘brand’ and audience there are three different light and music scenes. The first is an everyday scene with all the lighting on and music in the background. The second is an evening scene where the lighting is dimmed to 30% and the music is louder. The final one is a ‘night club’ scene where most of the lighting is off and the music is very loud.

In the store, Ambient lighting is delivered by a suspended raft system, supplemented by high-output eW Cove QLX fittings to uplight the ceiling and additional styliD track mounted projectors located in recessed troughs to accentuate the merchandise and exhibits in the store. In the double height space at the front of the store where cove lighting was not an option, a two-tier customised lighting system has been installed, using track and spot for uplifting and downlighting. In the fitting rooms recessed LuxSpace Accent 2 fixtures provide excellent contrast for customers trying on various outfits.

Head of Store Design, Mark Valerio, said:

We try to design every store, concession and office as a bespoke unit, reading to the building and location we are in. The overall design brief always includes special attention to lighting as this has a profound effect on the mood of the store. We often work with Philips more or less from day one. We work out what we need to do, with a basic lighting layout from an aesthetic point of view, then we speak to Philips about lighting levels, types of fittings and a few different cost options. We are also very keen to use LED light bulbs to reduce energy consumption and carbon emission and avoid access issues in areas with high ceilings.

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