In partnership with Philips, the Royal United Hospital (RUH) in Bath has had a complete lighting re-fit.

The RUH was able to receive £1.6 million for the upgrade from the Department of Health’s Energy Efficient Capital Funding Initiative.

The new LED lighting has improved the appearance and ambience of all areas of the hospital such as: clinical areas, corridors, reception spaces and entire wards. This improvement in the lighting has enhanced areas of the hospital which worked fine but had looked ‘tired’. This helped save money and time by preventing the need for refurbishment. The lights also save money on energy as LED light bulbs consume a lot less. This helps with the lowering of energy usage and carbon emission.

The upgrade has not only had an impact on the aesthetics of the hospital, but has also contributed to the well being of patients. As part of separate project, the Philips HealWell system was introduced with a high number of patients with dementia. For more on the HealWell system our blog post Philips Lighting Can Help Heal Patients.

The system provides gradually varying light levels throughout the day-mimicking natural daylight. This gives patients a better sense of the passage of time which is crucial in helping patients with dementia feel secure and settled. For more on the elderly and patients with dementia Read about new lighting guides for lighting for the elderly.

Because of the LED light bulbs carbon emissions will be reduced by 2,700 tons and energy will save £400,000 a year. All light fittings are easy to clean, free of fly traps, and have no reflective surfaces once switched off, all of which factors that aid infection control.

Director of Estates and Facilities, Howard Jones, said:

The project has been transformational in changing the way people perceive the hospital. The funding came about initially as part of a drive towards greater energy efficiency but we have seen many other benefits for staff, patients and visitor. It has made the whole hospital feel lighter and brighter; it looks cleaner and people are generally a lot happier with the environment.

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