New lighting guides have published by the Research Institute for Consumer Affairs and the sight-loss charity Thomas Packlington.

The charities recommend using at least a 1,200 lumen lamp on staircases, as a brighter light will minimise the chance of missing a step. Up to 250 lumen lamps are recommended when fitted under kitchen cabinets.

The guide, entitled Choosing energy saving light bulbs for your home, comes with Best Buy recommendations from Which? that accessed energy savings lamps for brightness and start up speed. It has information about lamp types, colour, start up times and types of fitting.

The Thomas Packlington Trust has also launched another guide , this time working with researchers at Stirling University. Best practice in the design of homes and living spaces for people living with dementia and sight-loss is the title of the guide. It has a whole section focused on how to light for the elderly.

The guide states that poor lighting can can cause anxiety in people with dementia, good light can help compensate for poor eyesight and that direct lighting over beds should be avoided as it can be uncomfortable when reading.

The Research Director, Sarah Buchanan, said:

Older people and people with sight-loss can gain useful advice can gain useful advice from our updated guide, which explains which light bulbs to buy for different areas of the home, for different levels of lighting and for a quick delivery of the light that’s needed. We know from research that having the right lighting dramatically improves the lives of people with sight loss, and supports and enhances their independence in their own home.

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