Philips Lighting is the platinum sponsor of two leading conferences at the Hospital Build and Infrastructure Middle East Exhibition which takes place from the 2nd to the 4th of June in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Hospitals of the Future and Architects Congress are the two conferences officially sponsored by Philips.

Hospital Build and Infrastructure Middle East is a leading industry exhibition which covers the full sphere of healthcare design, construction, innovation and management solutions.

Hospitals of the Future takes place on the 2nd and 3rd of June as part of the exhibition, will enable attendees to discover the latest innovations in design, infrastructure and functionality that will help create new hospitals. The Architects’ Congress is also held on the 2nd and 3rd of June and is a group of like-minded architects, engineers and healthcare professionals aiming to illustrate the latest regional and international design innovations.

As part of it’s sustainable hospital lighting solutions, Philips offers HealWell which is the world’s first total lighting concept for patient rooms. HealWell is an innovative lighting solution that is designed to help improve patients’s health and well-being in hospitals. Research has shown that the more time patients spend in daylight, or artificial light that mimics natural light, the better their biological response to healing and therapy is. As a result of this research, HealWell uses a networked control system, as well as shades of warm and cool light, to support patients biorythms throughout the day. HealWell has shown to improve patients comfort, mood, sleep and overall well-being and in turn speeds up their recovery in a more positive healing environment.

The Philips HealWell light doesn’t just provide a pleasant ambience for patients, it is also shown to improve staff performance creating a positive impact for everyone. In Doha, Qatar, Philips had previously installed the HealWell solution at the skilled Nursing Facility of Hamad Medical Corporation to enhance the healing environment within it’s premises.

Improving patient health and well-being using clever lighting relieves some of the pressure put on hospitals in the region, where demand for beds is set to double by 2025. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates registering the greatest percentage increase in demand for hospital beds.

General Manager of Philips Lighting Middle East, Rami Hajjar, said:

Philip’s vision is to make the world healthier and more sustainable through meaningful innovation. Hospital Build and Infrastructure Middle East is a great platform to encourage the significance of green hospital lighting solutions and encourage it’s use as standard across the region. This transformation is taking place and healthcare provider are realizing benefits.

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