How are you able to offer such low prices?

Lightbulbs Direct uses a “direct only”, low overhead business model. We have no retail premises and by using direct marketing and on-line ordering we keep our overheads as low as possible so that we can pass these savings on to our customers.

Which brands do you sell?

We only choose the top brands for all our products. These include household names such as Osram, Crompton, GE, Philips and Sylvania that we know, from personal experience, provide top quality, reliable and high-performance lamps.

We have specifically chosen not to sell “un-branded” lamps which although cheaper often turn out to be lower quality, short life (even as little as 2 weeks!!) and hence poor value for money.

What technologies do you sell?

Here at Lightbulbs Direct, we offer all types of lighting technology, from traditional incandescent, fluorescent tubes, and halogen lamps to energy-saving compact fluorescent and the latest in LED technology.

We also stock a number of specialist lamps such as High-Intensity Discharge lamps designed for illumination of large spaces to niche usage lamps such as Germicidal lamps used for water treatment, disinfection, sterilisation and food sanitation, Infrared heat lamps which have varying uses such as keeping food warm and animal husbandry and Ultraviolet lamps used for a variety of purposes such as glow in the dark blacklights, bug-zappers and more.

General FAQs

What is the difference between a “lamp” and a “light bulb”?

These terms are often interchangeable but “lamp” is really the generic term since this covers all sorts of lighting technology. See our glossary for further details of this and many other terms.

Do all light bulbs get hot?

Halogen lamps and traditional incandescent lamps give off a large amount of heat, however, LED lamps and Compact fluorescents give out far less heat than traditional light bulbs, this makes them ideal for use with lampshades made of delicate materials that can be damaged by heat.
All lamps do however give off some heat and should not be used in a totally enclosed light fitting unless there is some way for the heat to escape.

Are “Energy Saver” and “Long Life” light bulbs the same thing?

Yes and no! Compact fluorescent lamps do generally have a much longer life than ordinary incandescent light bulbs but there are also many other types of “long life” light bulb, most of which do not also save energy.
Generally, a normal incandescent light bulb will have a rated life of around 1000hrs whereas compact fluorescent energy-saving light bulbs have a rated life of between 3,000 and 15,000 hours, modern LED lamps can have much greater rated life and range from 10,000 up to an incredible 50,000 hours.

FAQs about compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs

Do compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs flicker when you turn them on?

Yes, they do, but unlike early energy saver lamps, the latest designs generally include electronic rapid start circuitry to make the lamp light-up in less than 1 second with virtually no flickering.

Don’t compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs give a rather harsh light?

Some older designs had quite a high “colour temperature” (see glossary) which may be perceived as “colder” but many energy-saving lamps now use a “warm white” coating to make the light very similar to a normal incandescent light bulb.

Do compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs take time to “warm-up”?

The latest compact fluorescent lamps “warm-up” very much faster than older designs, typically reaching 95% of their full light output in under a minute.

Are compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs too long?

Again, with the latest designs, this need not happen. Many compact fluorescents are now so small that they are virtually the same size, or even smaller, than ordinary light bulbs. If the light bulb is visible, you can choose from one of the designs that use a decorative outer light bulb to cover the fluorescent tubes.

FAQs about halogen lamps

Are halogen lamps energy-saving?

Halogen lamps are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent lamps, saving an average of 30% energy. However, compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps can save as much as 50-80% energy over traditional incandescent lamps and the newer LED technology light bulbs often have an incredible energy-savings of 80% plus compared to traditional incandescent lamps.

I have been told that you should not touch the outside of a halogen capsule. Is this true? If so, why is this?

Tungsten halogen light bulbs, tubes and capsules are made of quartz rather than ordinary glass so that they can operate at a much higher temperature. If the quartz envelope is contaminated with oils from your skin it tends to develop a hot spot in this area that can reduce the lifetime of the light bulb dramatically.
To prevent this, tungsten halogen lamps should be wrapped in tissue when you install them, removing the tissue once the lamp is firmly seated. If the capsule does get contaminated you can remove fingerprints with a tissue moistened with a solvent such as alcohol or methylated spirits.

FAQs about LED lamps

Are LED lamps energy-saving?

LED lamps are the most energy-efficient lamps currently available with incredible energy-savings of 80% plus compared to traditional incandescent lamps.

Are LED lamps dimmable?

Yes and No! LED technology works very differently from more traditional lamps, while LED dimmable lamps are available, not all LED lamps are capable of being dimmed and some dimmers are incompatible with LED lamps read our guide on LED dimming.

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Dawn Shaw

Hello I am interested in buying Eureka Lighting LED Party
Festoon Light (Set of 20 Lights)
I would like them to go all the way around my garden. How many sets can be joined together. And are the bulbs strong enough to hold the weather. I would like to leave them up all year round.


I’m trying to find bulbs L1 9w


I’m looking for equivalent to a Phillips 1415 lumin bulb 80w/100

Vivian Knight

Hi I need replacement bulbs for a Casa Houston ceiling light can’t find them anywhere


In an overhead cluster I have a number of Compton Antique 40W ST64 Squirrel cage filament lamps. A couple have now blown. Can I replace just the blown ones with the new LED versions and mix them up or should I replace all the old for all new LED versions

Linda Croxton

Can I just replace a Phillips Energy saving bulb with an led bulb provided that the cap fitting is the Sam?



i am replacing a halogen 118mm R7 lamp. What is the difference between jacketed and bare heat lamp? Does it really use 300w or is that the equivalent? Is it possible to buy a CFL bulb that will fit?


Hi, I currently have 6 spotlights in my living room ceiling. They are Diall MR16 1265, 12V, 28W (14W46), 320lm, 3000K, 36 degrees. Please could you tell me if you sell equivalent spotlights for these. I am not sure what the transformers are rated at (or even if there are transformers fitted) but just want to know what equivalent spotlights I could use safely without any safety issues. Thank you.


Hi, I’ve filtered on ES E27 cap, dimmable, 6-10w, ideally the more traditional look rather than the new white half plastic looking bulbs, and warm white light, and the only options are really low on energy efficiency (Es and Fs). Is there a more energy efficient option that meets my criteria? Thanks!


Hi. Do you know what tubes I should buy to fit the following light fitting? It says on the label Thorn Choke, G69594.4/GCJ30 1 x900mm 30 watt, 0.36A Cos (degree symbol?) 0.51, Delta t 65, tw130, 240V, 50Hz?


Hello, could someone tell me what kind of lightbulb we need for this outdoor lamp? Thank you

wilson bowers

I can see a number of T8 tubes on your website; but I can’t see the diameter of each of them. The tube I want to replace is 33mm in diameter, with a 9mm space between its two pins. Do any of your tubes match this specification? If not can one use a tube with a smaller diameter, if the space between the pins on that tube is 9mm?

Lisa Lowy

I’m looking for 60 and 40 w incandescent light bulbs. Where can I get them from ?


 Crompton Lamps Fluorescent 21″ T5 Tube 13W Halophosphate WhiteOIs there an LED replacement for these?? We’ve gone through 8 since last April! We have 5 in our kitchen….

Thank you…


Alan Andrews

I have purchased a 5 LED chandelier, the bulbs are G9 fitting. They still glow dim when switch off, I have read that the problem could be low quality bulbs and it has been suggested I change them for high quality ones, could you recommend a high quality make so I can eliminate this as a cause.


Hi, can you supply me with two x two-pin bulbs to replace those in my AEG cooker hood please?

Deborah Bettis

I recently purchased Spa Cali square tiltable downlights. Do your LED GU10 daylight bulbs fit, they look quite different to the warm ones?

Tony Privett

My wife has an eye condition and needs a bright light to read. At the moment she uses a R7s halogen 8550 lumens (118mm) in an uplighter with a dimmer switch although not used as a dimmer. Is there an LED equivalent please?


My kitchen lights are fluorescent T 5 tubes. I what to change them to LED. I can only see T8 will these fit?


i have bedside touch lamps with three settings (low, medium, high). The incandescent E27 60w 96mm by 55mm clear bulbs that I’ve used in the past are no longer available as far as I can tell. Is there an LED equivalent I could use? Maybe a dimmable LED bulb. I tried a standard LED and that didn’t provide the graduated light settings.



Dear Sir
I have seen om UTube how to “destain” a yellow shower tray by using Hydrogen Peroxide (40Vol) from the Ladies Haidressing trade.
It really requires a UV bulb, but which one? please
Also, I have a (oddly) an anglepoise lamp also from the trade (My Wife) which would be ideal as it could be placed in the area of and “clamped in place”
It has a bayonet fitting but that’s easily sorted if you can help with the bulb please.
Thank you in anticipation and best regards



Is the “daylight” brightness brighter than warm white which appears “dingy” ?


Hi, I’m wanting to know what problems if any I would have in replacing an old UVC bulb with a slightly higher wattage one? For instance a 15 or 16W tube. The ballast is marked 12W and the starter 4-65W, thanks

Valerie Bond

The reflector bulb I asked about is 80mm diameter. I don’t know if you got my last post sent via the reply button. Are you able to supply such a bulb?

Valerie Bond

I can’t identify a bulb that has gone in my bathroom. I’m guessing it is old. The writing on it is barely legible but, I think, it says MS 1713621 60W. It is a mushroom shape with a flat top and is an Edison screw. Can you help? If it’s not available, is there a more modern bulb that would fit?

Stuart Henry Hill

Does a LED compatible dimmer use any additional power to that of the dimmable bulbs it is dimming?


i need help on which led bulb to use as im partially sighted and need day light bulbs but im unsure of what size can someone please help me

G Parkin

Lyyt LED 20 LED Solar IP44 Security Lightcan these lights be switched on and off manually as needed and to save power?

Larry lott

Kitchen bulbs for underlighting


I’m interested in ordering some GX53 LED’s – are they C E certified? I couldn’t tell from the photos. Thank you

Rob Davies

Where have ” my light bulbs ” gone off your web site, it was great, just click in there, tick the ones I use and need and hey presto ? Now, have I got to trawl through every lightbulb, when I don’t really know which are which ?


i have been considering replacing my standard 6ft T8 70watt strip with a LED equivalent, but the original tube is a ‘SAD’ tube, are the LED equivalents also ‘SAD’ tubes..?

davidson davidson

Hi my light bulbs are too small how do i return them