Recently added to Kickstarter is Beam. Beam is an LED light bulb that can also be used as a projector.

The product is made like a light bulb to make it simple to use and easy to travel with. The small size and easy plug in (it plugs in to an E27 socket) means it can be used for business travellers, students and even teachers.

It easily screws in to an E27 light fitting and has an LED light so that your current light layout needn’t change. There is also a power cable to connect it to so that it can be used in more places. The technology and flexibility of it means that it can be used to play a movie on your wall or on your ceiling so you can watch it in bed. There are many other things yo can do with it.

Beam can connect to your smartphone or computer through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It can also be connected to speakers, a mouse, keyboard or game controllers.

The light bulb can do what you tell it to such as wake you up in the morning with the weather forecast or play a video message when someone comes through the door.  The projector light bulb is hoped to be released in October.

Photos belong to Beam Labs

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