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Guides and advice for all health lighting and light bulbs related written by experts from the lighting industry.

LED light bulbs to Speed up Clothing Production Rates

According to a recent study LED lighting can increase health and productivity of workers, therefore increasing profits. The study involved 25 garment...

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LED lights to help the Elderly

A Japanese company have designed an LED light bulb that has a built-in radar to detect when an elderly person has fallen....

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Scientists are using LED light bulbs to detect Ebola

A team of researchers have developed a device containing an LED to detect the virus. Researchers have said that one of the...

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How Lighting Affects our Body Clock

It’s no secret that our body reacts to different levels of light like how we feel tired when it’s dark and more...

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Philips have released an LED system to treat skin disease

A new blue LED light used to treat skin disease is coming to the UK this October. Philips have developed a wearable...

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Philips Lights up Bradford Infirmary

Bradford Royal Infirmary has partnered with Philips health and lighting department to provide a supportive environment for patients with cognitive problems and...

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Do you suffer from SAD?

It’s that awful time of year where the dark mornings and nights make your daily regime that much harder. While many people...

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LED light bulbs can make you look Younger

An American Skin Specialist Centre gets a new LED skin and haircare treatment. The Skin Wellness Centre at Atlantic Plastic Surgery has...

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Dim lighting can be harmful to Cancer Patients

A recent study found that dim lighting reduces the amount of melatonin produced. This is bad for cancer sufferers as Dr Steven...

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Lighting that Saves Lives

Glasgow Royal Infirmary Hospital will be the first to use light to fight superbugs. The lighting system has been researched for years...

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