A Japanese company have designed an LED light bulb that has a built-in radar to detect when an elderly person has fallen.

The laser-based radar, called Laser Light, can track the movements of someone nearby and can detect when that person has fallen or has suddenly stopped moving. The light bulbs are designed to be put in a ceiling fixture and monitors people in the room by a signal that measures the distance of the person’s head. It would constantly monitor the people/person in the room. As it is a regular household item and it is out-of-the-way it eliminates the feeling of being watched or having to wear a monitoring device.

The system knows if someone has just fallen asleep by measuring their breathing movements. If the system detects an abnormality it can alert a carer or family member immediately, even if they are at a different location, through a WiFi signal. The light bulbs are expected to be available from September 2015.

Is there anything LED light bulbs can’t do?

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