If you’re a gamer, or looking for a tip-top place to retreat for some peace and quiet – a man cave is easily the best way for you to escape from the world and enjoy some “me time”.

We all went man cave crazy during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, but whether you’re a newcomer, or seasoned ultimate man cave expert, it’s vital that you understand just how important the lights you use are, and how critical the lighting set-up must be. 

You certainly don’t have to compromise on design, just because we’ve highlighted how important the lighting has to be.

So, why not use a selection of unique lights that will really enhance the look of your man cave, and pick some that will best reflect your own style and personality. 

We think that the perfect place for you to start is on the LED Smart Wifi Light Bulbs section on our website. 

LED smart bulbs will revolutionise the way you can use your lights in your man cave and they have the ability to control your lighting by using a smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, via a free app. 

Smart LED bulbs will also allow you to create an almost infinite variety of colour, brightness, and effects to suit your mood, meaning they’re absolutely perfect for your man cave. 

Below, we’ve put together three of our most popular options for you to view.

Crompton Lamps LED Smart Wifi Strip Kit 18W Dimmable Tuneable White + RGB

These flexible SMART LED strip lights are superb for a wide range of uses.

Control your lighting from your home hub, smartphone and tablet with the new LED smart range from Crompton lamps. They’re great on the floor, wall, or behind a television point.  

The LED strip can be cut at 10cm intervals and reconnected using the kit provided, and the 3M™ self-adhesive backing tape makes installation easy. 

The LED technology means that the strip light is incredibly energy-efficient and has a long 20,000-hour life.

Prolite LED G95 Globe 1.7W E27 Star Effect Funky Filaments Warm White

Prolite LED G95 Globe 1.7W E27 Star Effect Funky Filaments Warm White

The flashing star effect warm white 95mm LED globe can be used in domestic, retail or commercial settings.

The 2300K warm shade of this light bulb would make it perfect for achieving a subtle decorative effect in any environment.

Visually star like and soothing, the globe is also available in sparkly colour changing RGB version, perfect for sensory rooms.

Our team is knowledgeable and passionate about lighting, so if you’ve read this blog and have any questions at all, then feel free to get in touch with us today. 
We’re committed to finding the right light for you, whatever the setting or occasion. 

We also have a large library of buying guides and practical help available on our site, offering all the technical help you could need. Our buying guides will help you narrow down your choices, while some of our other blog posts contain all the latest lighting newstips and tricks.

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