Dutch researchers have found that strawberries grown using LED light bulbs are better quality than those that aren’t.

Five different varieties of Strawberries were planted in glasshouses in Wageningen UR’s Innovation and Demonstration Centre, the Netherlands, on the 20th of August.

The researchers applied three different lighting positions. The first lighting position for the plants was just above the plants known as leaf lighting, the second was lower down known as fruit lighting and the third was placed at the very top of the greenhouse known as the top light.

The research found that strawberries grown under leaf and fruit lighting were found to be sweeter, more aromatic, fruitier, more acidic and to have a higher Vitamin C content. They also increased production by 15% by the end of November.

Greenhouse lighting is important for plant growth and can allow the gardener to tend to the plants at night. However, it wasn’t until recently LED light bulbs were used for plants and are still uncommon. The most common type of plant lights are Fluorescent, Incandescent and High-Intensity Discharge lamps.

For more on LED light bulbs and plant growth see This Plant Farm lit by GE Lighting.

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