Worcestershire grower, R&L Holt, opened the UK’s first commercial glasshouse to use LED lighting for food growth.

These tomatoes are being sold as part of Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range along with some tomatoes grown under Halogen light. This is important for British farmers and consumers as it means they can be grown out of season. Meaning thanks to LED and Halogen lighting we can have fresh tomatoes all year.

Sainsbury’s Product Technologist, Melissa Jones, said:

This range of tomatoes is another example of growing more of our fruit and veg closer to home. By working closely with our growers we’ve been able to extend the British tomato season, which takes a lot of skill and investment from our growers.

British Tomato Growers Association Chairman, Nigel Bartle, said:

This is the first time a large-scale commercial nursery has used this technology in the UK. Growers continue to work together to find ways to deliver even more home-grown tomatoes in the future, which is great for British farmers.

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