The original Plumen light bulb was released in 2010. Designer, Nicolas Roope, came up with the concept many years ago that combined his design skills and environmental interest.

Roope said:

I realised that what I wanted to design next was something that would change people’s behaviour. At the time, like many others, I was concerned about the state of the environment, and it struck me that lighting was an area I could move into that would have an impact. CFL wasn’t being used to its strength. It’s effectively a line of light, yet manufacturers were trying to fit it into a light bulb shape. It felt like a big opportunity to be fresh and radical in what was a very conservative space. Every time someone replaces an incandescent light bulb with a Plumen, not only are they reducing the energy they use but they are also buying it because they like the design. You can’t tell people to change. You have to give them a reason to change, symbols of hope, and good design helps to do that.

plumen 001

The Plumen light bulbs 001 and 002 are compact fluorescents so use 80% less energy and last 8 times as long as an incandescent. Plumen are currently working on releasing an LED designer light bulb.

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what inspired it?