Choosing an energy-saving light bulb to replace your existing light bulb has never been easier.

Replace your power-hungry light bulbs with our energy-saving Options. Choose the light bulb that best suits your needs and enjoy huge savings.

When it comes to replacing your existing power-hungry incandescent light bulbs there are a lot of options to choose from.

Each technology has its own set of unique benefits be that initial cost, average-rated-life, energy-efficiency or a combination of each as well as inherent features such as the ability to operate in a variety of extreme conditions including extremes of hot and cold temperatures and even wet-weather conditions or damp environments.

To read more on wet-weather and damp condition appropriate lighting check out our article on IP ratings and bathroom zones.

Halogen Energy Saving Light Bulbs come in exactly the same shape and size as the traditional light bulbs, save approx. 30% on energy costs and last twice as long, though their manufacture has now been suspended in favour of more energy-efficient technologies they remain popular and are still available to buy while stocks last.

Compact Fluorescent (CFL) energy-saving light bulbs are available in standard light bulb shapes and the evenly light distributing spiral shapes. They save approx. 80% on energy costs and last upwards of 8,000 hours.

The newest energy-saving technology LED has taken massive steps forward in the last few years and there is now a replacement LED light bulb available to replace almost all of your traditional light bulbs be they GU10, MR16 or Reflector Spotlights, the traditional shaped GLS and the more decorative Candles, Golfballs and Globes. LED light bulbs are by far the superior energy-saving light bulbs saving upwards of 80% on energy costs and in some cases lasting an incredible 50,000 hours. In addition, they are available in a choice of colour temperatures to match your needs and environment, also unlike energy-saving CFL lamps, they do not need time to warm up and produce light instantly and all at a vastly reduced energy cost over traditional or halogen light bulbs.

Read our article for a more detailed guide on choosing your LED light bulb.

For a more detailed comparison between CFL energy-saving lamps and LED read our FAQ on energy-saving lamps.

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