Fujitsu Smartphone

With electronics companies Samsung and Apple looking to use fingerprint scanning as the new access code to their smartphones, Fujitsu are taking a different route and decided to use an eye scanner.

A miniature scanner is fitted to the front of the smartphone which uses an infrared LED light to scan the eyes and take a picture with the infrared camera. THe picture is then compared to the stored image and if the iris pattern matches up the phone will unlock. This process sounds more difficult but is actually quicker and easier than the current pass code system as the user has to just look at the phone and it will unlock.

Fujitsu Eye Scanner

A spokesperson for Fujitsu told Mail Online: “Fujitsus new authentication method uses iris recognition, which is hard to forge and convenient to use. The screen can be unlocked simply by looking at it, which eliminates the trouble of having to use [your] hands when wearing gloves and can’t use a fingerprint. The system can reliably authenticate the detailed patterns of the iris and that can be used in most everyday situations. This can be used at a normal smartphone viewing distance, rather than within the 10cm range most existing iris recognition systems require. And in safety testing, the infrared LED light was verified to be safe for the eyes.”

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