The Seoul National University library in Korea has become the world’s biggest OLED Lighting Installation.

The OLED lights, supplied by LG Chem, are only 0.88mm thick and when put into their fixtures are still only 2.2mm thick.

Vice President for OLED Lighting, Park Song Soo, said:

LG Chem plans to commercially market in March the OLED reading lights installed at the Seoul National University Library. This is part of LG Chem’s efforts to create new consumer experiences with OLED lighting products.

An administrator of the University said:

OLED lighting is the best lighting option for the library’s study areas since it protects the eyes while offering a soothing and simple design. We selected LG Chem’s lighting products because of the company’s technology leadership in the sector.

LG Chem has been leading the way in releasing OLED light bulbs into the market despite claims it could never be fully integrated into the consumer market and with companies like Apple using OLED lighting in their smartwatches, it could be slowly making it’s way from technology to everyday lighting.

However, one of the most powerful businesses in the lighting market Philips has decided to sell their OLED lighting department. After deciding to separate their lighting business this move could be to focus on a newer technology or to refocus their business back onto their traditional lighting. With Philips out of the market will other companies follow suit?

Images belong to LG

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