Working from home is likely to continue for millions of people. If that’s the case for you, it’s so important that your video conferencing set-up, and in particular the lighting that accompanies it, is spot on.

Winter and the darker days have an impact when it comes to the lack of natural light. And the light on a video conference call can make or break the experience.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are already planning ahead for another disrupted year in 2021.

So, if you’re unable to sit close to a window, or you don’t have access to enough sunlight, then we’ve got a few tips to enhance your video conferencing calls.

Face the light

If you can, face the source of the light. But if it’s difficult logistically to sit opposite a window, try to face a desk lamp or alternative light source. A simple desk lamp with a soft light bulb, such as the Crompton Lamps LED GLS 11W E27 Daylight Opal, is a great start.

Use the right amount of light

Try a dimmable daylight coloured bulb, such as Crompton Lamps LED GLS 11W B22 Dimmable Daylight Opal (75W Eqv) with a dimmer switch; so that you have complete control, and can balance the amount needed to fill out any shadows. If there’s not enough light, or too much light focused on you during a video conferencing call, then it’s possible that it could lower the image quality.

Use more than one light

Use more than one light

Depending on your position in the house and the amount of natural light, you may need more than one. We’ve seen instances during the coronavirus pandemic where people choose two or sometimes three lighting solutions, in order to help them with their home video conferencing.

If you think you might benefit from more than one daylight coloured bulb look at the full range of daylight bulbs. Daylight bulbs also give off a blue white hue, ideal for graphic and design work environments and can aid in lessening the impact of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

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