Chinese Company, LEDUS, have created a new LED which incorporates a battery.

The LED, called Magic Bulb, uses only 4 watts of power but produces the equivalent light of a traditional 50w globe. If the power fails, the light will remain on for a further 3 hours. It can even be unscrewed from the socket and the handle can be extended, turning it into a torch.

There are three switches on the side of the light bulb; one to use the Magic Bulb as a regular light bulb, one to recharge the light bulb in standby mode (where no light is emitted and the light bulb just charges) and one for the light bulb to continue to provide light even if not connected to a power source.

This light bulb could be the start of something new battery-powered light bulbs would make LED light bulbs even more energy-efficient if the runtime was increased. In the future, they could be less reliant on a mains power supply and could run from their own battery half the time.

Images belong to LEDUS

LED Smart Wifi Lighting

LED Smart Lighting

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