Osram have brought to light that many hotel complaints have specifically addressed lighting.

Osram found that in the majority of over 350,000 global hotel reviews online criticise lighting quality.

Nearly 10,000 reviews claimed that hotels in London had dim, bad and sparse lighting in their rooms. Hotels in European were heavily criticised too, with visitors comparing lighting in a Copenhagen hotel to train station waiting rooms and others complained that they found working in their room impossible because of poor lighting.

National Sales Manager of Osram, David Ellis, said:

Lighting is clearly important to travellers, so much so that they take the time to go online to warn future guests about their bad experiences. One recent visitor to London felt that his stay at a fabulous hotel was ruined solely by inadequate lighting in the rooms. This lasting impression remains with them when they re-book in the future, meaning they’ll probably shop around and consider alternative places to stay.

Managing Director of Firefly Lighting Design, Peter Veale, said:

It’s a shame that travellers are disappointed with the quality and choice of lighting in the hotels they stay in. Interior designers fully appreciate the huge role that lighting can play in creating that ‘wow’ factor but it only makes up 5% of the entire design project so can unfortunately be overlooked. There is an excellent range of light fittings on the market for hoteliers and designers to choose from that ‘wow; factor. These give them a great opportunity to introduce better quality light at a competitive price and replace halogen with LED.

Osram have created a five point guide so that hoteliers can achieve that ‘wow’ factor with their lighting:

  1. Make sure lighting isn’t an after-thought: urge your design consultant to look at lighting considerations early in any design project
  2. Consider cost-effective ways of making a difference with your lighting. For example, don’t feel you can afford changing all your halogen to LED lighting? Then perhaps invest a small portion of your budget into new fittings, so you can dim your current lights to create different atmospheres in your establishments
  3. Don’t blind your guests with new technology they don’t understand how to use: when making a change to your lighting. For instance, if you’re going to introduce new lighting control in the rooms make sure they’re simple for your guests to use
  4. Consider simple decorative lighting solutions: these can make a huge difference and make an impact on your guests as they enter your establishment
  5. Don’t forget the small lights: guests can become frustrated if mirror lights provide poor light when getting ready or bedside lamps are not bright enough for them to read.
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