The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Berlin, Germany is an exclusive 5 star hotel, where celebrities flock during Fashion Week.

The 303 rooms (40 of which are suites) have been exquisitely designed by Peter Silling who took inspiration from the Prussian architect Schinkel.

When lowering energy costs and CO2 emissions it was important that the luxury hotel kept its ambience and antique decorative features.

Philips replaced the incandescent lamps in the building with LED-Retrofit lamps. Novallure LED candle lamps were installed in the chandeliers causing them to sparkle brighter and ‘made the passageway look more welcoming than with the previous lighting’. 415 chandeliers and 189 wall lamps in total were replaced with the Novallure LED light bulbs, some in the dimmable version.

Due to 3,000 Novallure LED light bulbs, being installed, the energy has been decreased by 75%. The savings on energy comes to 27,000 Euros a year. Another benefit of long lifetime LED lamps is the reduced cost of maintenance. The investment costs were paid for in one year. Because no heat is emitted from LED light bulbs, the air conditioners rarely have to be turned on and the pleasant lighting from the LED light bulbs have made employees and guests ‘feel at ease’. The management of the hotel chain is now considering installing LED lighting in other hotels as well because of the vast improvements.

Chief Engineer of the Ritz Carlton, Markus Schmidt, said:

As the best hotel in town, we have quite a reputation to uphold. We are a Grand Hotel that offers every modern convenience but we also take our social responsibilities seriously. The LED lamps from Philips enable us to operate in a sustainable way without compromising on the ambience.

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