The Gloucester Old Spot in Bristol is what you would imagine an English Countryside pub to look like. Cosy, Classic and completely British. The family-run pub prides itself on the locally sourced everything – “from the sausages to the lamp fittings.”

The lighting had to fit in with the theme of this pub so had to provide a relaxing glow with an old fashioned look. It was also important that it was an English product to keep up with their locally sourced standards. Our customer service team were able to help them with their specific requirements and suggested The Crompton Antique range. The Crompton Antique range is reminiscent of the very first light bulb, developed by Thomas Edison in 1879, giving a classic feel to the room. At the Gloucester Old Spot, the light fixtures were homemade and went perfectly with the Crompton Antique light bulbs, giving a traditional and relaxed atmosphere to the room.

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