Different ways of thinking when it comes to embracing new lighting technology have led to some great design ideas like the Plumen Range where they used CFL light bulbs tubular shape to its advantage.

Now Architecture and Design Firm Choi+Shine Architects have created the BIT Light.

The product is named BIT for three different reasons. The first being that BIT is the Korean word for light. Also, the light is made of connective ‘bits’. The third reason is that BIT is an acronym for Bulb with Integrated Technology.

As opposed to a traditional fitting the BIT comes with a unique power adaptor, that can be fitted to a ceiling or a wall, which looks exactly like the connector. When a second BIT is attached via the connector the power is transferred through both BITs. The BITs are joined magnetically through the connectors and are easily applied to allow anyone to adjust them.

Similar to the Plumen range these aren’t meant to be hidden but are made to be on show but they allow you to design them the way you want. Acting as a fixture and a light, the brightness can be adjusted by simply adding or removing BITs. They are also compatible with dimmer switches.

Each BIT contains a low voltage LED light source and produces 460 lumens of omnidirectional light. As well as being able to design the lights in any way you want, they come in a variety of materials, forms and colours.

Choi+Shine are also coming up with new connecting positions allowing even more creative variety.

Images belong to BitLight

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