Bathroom lighting can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the space, and, with our days beginning and ending in the bathroom, it’s important to create the right ambience. 

So whether you’re just wanting to replace your current lights, or go for a complete new look for your bathroom, take a look through our top 5 lighting looks to help you find the perfect option. 

Look 1: Keep it simple with spotlights

Spotlights are a tidy, space-efficient way to highlight a specific space, or illuminate the whole room. Whether you choose tiny spots to light up a shelf, or larger, more statement spotlights, like the Tauri lighting in the image above, this style is sleek, simple and practical.

Look 2: Get that spa-like ambience with warm wall lights

If you’re wanting to relax and unwind in the bath after a long day, warm bathroom wall lighting can really bring some zen to your home. Whatever fits in with your bathroom style, whether that’s brass globe lights or smoke glass shades, bring the spa to you with a soft glow.

Look 3: Go for a luxurious look with crystal and chrome

To add an elegant, sophisticated style to your bathroom, a chandelier light could be the way to go. Our range of crystal and chrome lights look great with moody decor and traditional bathroom fixtures, adding a much more luxurious feel to your home.

Look 4: Or maybe sleek and chic is more for you?

Get a fresh, modern look with sleek ceiling or wall lights. For a minimalist bathroom style that still makes a statement and brightens up the room, why not look at brass or gold fixtures, with glass shades, like these Spa Gene 3 or Crux 3 lights.

Look 5: Try some understated bar lighting to highlight certain spots

For a more practical and understated style of bathroom lighting, bar spotlights are the way forward. This look is perfect for highlighting certain focal points while also brightening up the whole room. And with a wide range of modern bar lighting on the market — from bubble effect to champagne glass — there is always something that will fit in with your bathroom style.

Frequently asked questions about bathroom lights

What is the best lighting to have in a bathroom?

As well as finding a style that suits you and your home, it is important to consider the IP rating when choosing your bathroom lighting to ensure that they can withstand the humidity. For example, our range of specially-made bathroom lighting all has an rating of IP44.

Where should you put lighting in a bathroom?

Bathroom lighting looks great in many different places, so the positioning really depends on your preferences. For example, lighting behind a mirror can bring a luxe feel when putting your make-up on in the morning; or wall lights either side of shelving can add a decorative element to the space. 
One thing to avoid when installing your bathroom lighting is downlights over the vanity, as this can be unflattering and create unwanted shadows.

Which lights are best for small bathrooms?

If you’re working with a smaller bathroom, space-saving lights will be the best option. For instance, flush-to-ceiling spotlights can be an efficient use of space, and, particularly in recesses, can draw attention to parts of the room that might otherwise go unnoticed, making the room feel bigger. 
It’s also important to have a cohesive look in smaller bathrooms, so make sure you choose lighting that matches the other fixtures.

What colour lighting is best for bathrooms?

The colour of the lighting you choose for your bathroom can really depend on the function of the room or space. Around mirrors and vanities, it is better to have brighter lights for tasks like shaving or styling your hair. But in the rest of the room, or in guest bathrooms, warm lighting is more flattering. 
As a general rule, a warm white light with a colour temperature of around 3,000 Kelvins is the best option for a cosy feel, that is still bright enough for getting ready in the morning.


While there are many tips on the best bathroom lighting options out there, the most important thing is finding the style that best suits your home. With just a few small lighting tweaks, you can create a whole new look for your bathroom, so check out our full range of bathroom lighting here.

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